YEAR: 2008 – 2010
LOCATION: Krynica Morska, Poland
PLOT: 27 ha
AREA: Planned total floor area 200,000 sqm
STATUS: Suspended

Collaboration: Bass Sp. z o.o., Gda?sk

On the basis of the cooperation with the town authorities who controls strategically located investments sites, Gray International developed an urban concept aimed to turning Krynica Morska by 2020, into one of the most attractive tourist destination on the polish Baltic coast.

Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-12Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-2 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-3 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-4 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-5 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-6 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-7 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-8 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-9 Krynica-Morska-Poland-Kurort-2020-10KRYNICA 2

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